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Videos, Books, CDs


Distron Video Corp recorded the Stage Hypnosis I video live for the International Magicians Society. All other videos were recorded live at National Guild of Hypnotists Conferences, (click here for access to hundreds of instructional videos and audio tapes), or at Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis Conferences.

  1. Stage Hypnosis I - Be part of the class as we teach you the principles of stage hypnosis. Following the instruction, watch how we apply the techniques in a stage show setting with unrehearsed, untested volunteers. What you see is what we got! (Companion booklet also available--see below.)

  2. Advanced Hypnotic Techniques - See many demonstrations, inductions, and deepening techniques that you can use with audiences and individuals in your practice.
    (Companion booklet also available--"Hypnosis Tricks, Tips and Techniques"--see below.)

  3. <Stage Hypnosis II - Follow as we demonstrate suggestibility tests and perform several stage routines with volunteers from the audience.

  4. Using Rapid Inductions in a Professional Practice - Learn the principles of Rapid Induction and see its application with volunteers from the audience.

  5. World of Inductions - Many different induction techniques are demonstrated.
    (Companion booklet also available--see below.)

  6. Gimmicks, Gizmos and Gadgets - We demonstrate many inductions using various hypnotic aides. This video features an induction using a puppet that is ideal for children.


Booklets 1, 2, and 3 are recommended for anyone interested in self-improvement and the basics of hypnotism. Booklets 4-7 are written for those who are familiar with hypnotic techniques and want to expand their knowledge.  Joann Abrahamsen wrote or co-wrote the booklets.  Dentist Dr. Garland Fross wrote Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques.

  1. Self-Hypnosis* - Introduction to hypnosis designed to teach you how to hypnotize yourself and formulate suggestions. Sample suggestions included. (Click here for an excerpt from this booklet.)

  2. Hypno-Learning - Teaches you how to use self-hypnosis to study, overcome test anxiety, improve your memory, etc. Sample suggestions included.

  3. Hypnosis-A Short Course - Describes hypnosis and teaches you the basics of hypnosis and how to hypnotize others.

  4. Ericksonian Hypnosis - An introduction to the work of Milton Erickson. Describes and instructs in the use of language patterns.

  5. Stage Hypnosis - Describes stage hypnosis and how it works. Includes several skits.

  6. World of Inductions - Teaches you the principles of induction and contains scripts for 16 inductions.

  7. Hypnosis-Tips, Tricks and echniques - Includes scripts for demonstration, induction, deepening and uncovering techniques.

  8. Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques - Excellent book covering hypnosis basics with special chapters on hypnosis with children and the applications of hypnosis in dentistry (hypnodontics).

All booklets (1-7) are $7.00 each (including 1st class shipping and handling) or 5 for $30.00 (free shipping and handling.) "Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques is $15.00 (including 1st class shipping and handling.)

Handbook of Hypnotic Techniques may be purchased in bulk in cartons of 50 or 130. Fifty books cost $250, and 130 books cost $400. Prices include shipping & handling at book rate. Call or e-mail Joann for faster shipping quotes.

CDs ...

CDs are recommended to reinforce the new habits and behaviors you desire. They are recorded in my voice with appropriate background music. These CDs will put you into hypnosis and give you positive suggestions for the chosen topic. These CDs are never to be listened to while driving or operating any type of machinery or performing any function that requires your full attention.

  1. Self Hypnosis

  2. Weight Management

  3. Stop Smoking

  4. Stress Management

  5. Memory Improvement

All tapes are $20.00 each (including shipping and handling.)

* Self Hypnosis booklet/tape combination -- Special price of $25.00 (Free shipping and handling.)

FOR A FREE BROCHURE about Hypnosis in general, e-mail Joann.


Assertiveness,  Self-Confidence,  Memory,  Concentration and Test Anxiety,  Stress Management,  Relaxation, Pain Management,  Insomnia,  Stop Smoking,  Weight Management,  Fears (in general),  Overcome Fear of Physicians or Dentists,  Sports Performance,  Overcome Procrastination,  Regression,  Motivation,  Enhance Creativity,  Childbirth,  Social & Stage Poise,  Improve Sales and Marketing Skills,  Personal Improvement.



On a plain piece of paper, print your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number, the titles(s) of the videos, CDs or booklets desired, and enclose a check for the appropriate amount.

To order brochures, print the titles(s) desired on a plain piece of paper and enclose $.50 for each title ordered AND a self addressed stamped business size #10 envelope with sufficient postage to cover the number of brochures ordered.

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