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Weight Control Smoking Cessation
Stress Management Motivation
Self-Confidence Memory Skill
Learning Skills Sales Performance
Sports Performance Public Speaking
Pain Management Childbirth
Insomnia Fears
Creativity And many others...

Many undesirable habits can be modified with hypnosis. Smoking and over-eating are two common examples. Although many individuals will attempt to change undesired habits with willpower alone, they often find it is not enough. For hypnosis to be most effective, it is essential that you are willing to make a commitment to change and this commitment must become more powerful than the urge to continue the undesired behavior. The power of your imagination, in conjunction with hypnosis, will enable you to achieve goals where "willpower" alone would not.  When imagination and willpower are in conflict, imagination always wins.

Joann's approache to help you eliminate smoking, modify eating habits, or make whatever change with hypnosis will depend on your reasons and motivation for change.  The more individual the approach, the better the outcome.   While group sessions are effective for certain people, your reasons for wanting change are unique to you and you expect to derive certain benefits from that change. Your hypnosis sessions with Joann will be individually adapted to your needs.

Although hypnosis can eliminate or minimize pain, pain is the body's warning mechanism and you should not ignore it. Pain is a symptom of a problem. You may be masking a broken bone. a tumor, or other serious condition. Do not use self-hypnosis to eliminate or minimize pain without first speaking with your doctor. Pain management responds well to hypnosis but you should seek a qualified professional to help you.

A certified hypnotist may be able to help you with pain management and fears, but the hypnotist should obtain your physician's or therapist's permission and approval. See Links for information in seeking a certified professional in your area.

You should not use self-hypnosis alone for eliminating fears or managing pain.  You should seek the assistance of a trained therapist who can apply hypnosis in conjunction with traditional therapy.

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