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In general there are three methods by which an individual learns self-hypnosis. The first of these is the direct post hypnotic method. In this method the person is hypnotized by a qualified hypnotist and taught through post hypnotic suggestion how to return to the hypnotic state by a post hypnotic cue or signal.

The second method uses a combination of post hypnotic suggestion and training to enable the person to enter hypnosis using self-hypnosis suggestions. This method is practiced under the hypnotist's supervision until some degree of self-hypnotic control is achieved.

In the third method, one learns to hypnotize one's self by reading about the technique and applying it. In most books on self-hypnosis, the reader is taught to enter hypnosis using suggestion and then, in hypnosis, to give herself or himself suggestions for change.

However, our method is different...

You are taught to enter hypnosis using suggestion, but you formulate your suggestions for change in the waking state, give yourself the suggestions in the waking state, and then enter hypnosis while the subconscious mind processes the suggestions in hypnosis.

We believe that our self-hypnosis method will help you achieve the best results. We teach this method of self hypnosis in three steps:

  • Step 1 enables you to use the twilight sleep state to your advantage.

  • In Step 2, you put yourself into hypnosis.

  • In Step 3, you put yourself into hypnosis and then give yourself suggestions for self-improvement.



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