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Who is Joann Abrahamsen?

Joann Abrhamsen

      Joann Abrahamsen is a certified consultant in hypnosis. In 1992 she was named "Person of the Year" by the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis and later became Executive Director of that organiztion.   Well known for her lively and entertaining seminars and workshops, she has presented at conventions, resort hotels, colleges, universities and at educational workshops for teachers.

     Joann teaches courses in hypnosis and presents hypnosis stage shows and demonstrations. She has appeared on cable TV to promote her free Great American Smoke-Out Workshop held at area hospitals.

     In her private hypnosis practice, Abrahamsen has helped many people achieve their goals by combining her award winning hypnotic techniques with behavior modification. She is a freelance writer and has written and published many hypnosis booklets as well as other hypnosis and self help articles that have appeared in magazines, newsletters and convention manuals.   Ms. Abrahamsen is also a certified practitioner of HypnoBirthing(tm) techniques.

   Joann has received numerous awards and certificates from such notable organizations as the Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis, the National Guild of Hypnotists, the International Society of Professional Hypnosis and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

     As recipient of the behaviorist "Selah Award " she was inducted into the Hypnosis Hall of Fame in 1990.  In 2009 Joann was named to the Order of Braid of the Natiopnal Guild of Hypnotists.  This award, NGH's highest, recognizes "a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication and service."

     A graduate of Brooklyn College (City University of New York) with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology, Joann is an adjunct faculty member at Westchester Community College where she developed and teaches courses in self-improvement and hypnosis. She has also taught at Purchase College (State University of New York.)


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